In a private retreat centre, connect, build a new community, and nurture your mind, body and soul, during a 3-day Women-Only retreat in Field, BC.

Sharing experiences, strengths, and hopes, we’ll workshop through loss, change, and forgiveness, while nourishing and exercising our spiritual fitness through  workshopsmeditation, light stretching, and locally catered, slow cooked plant-based meals.

You will leave with not only a new journal filled with healthy transformations, goals, desires, and ways to serve, but also a deeper understanding of who you are. By uncovering the parts of us that may be holding on to an old story, we will create our new transformative stories, shifting our lives to ones that are now lived in truth, integrity, and confidence, while filling our hearts with love

Join us to experience and witness the remarkable transformation of other like-minded women.

A two-night and three-day retreat, accommodations, meals, snacks, walks/hikes, meditation and stretching classes are all included for the price of $600 (plus tax). This also includes a 1-hour coaching call with Jill following the retreat (value $150). 

The Past Retreats have covered: 

  • Spirituality, Spiritual Direction 
  • Grief/Loss and the Psychology of Grief
  • Recovery Transformation 
  • Healing and Change Management 
  • Goal setting, Vision boarding, Time management 
  • Forest Therapy influenced by the Japanese practice of Shin Rin Yoku 
  • Expertise by guest facilitators on yoga, nutrition, and the environment