June 9-11, Grief and Loss Retreat

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We have all experienced loss of something - a lifestyle, relationships, people, family members, things, memories. 

It's inevitable. The only certainty in life is death. It's rooted in our experiences of humans living here on Earth. 

Living with grief and loss is another story. One that sometimes we find ourselves a character in and not knowing what to do next. 

This retreat will give you the opportunity to reflect on the grief/loss story that you're living in and see if you're ready to write the next chapter. 

Alongside facilitators who have turned to addictions, depressions, and bad behaviors to cope - we will spend the weekend working through how to overcome whatever you're going through. 

Your Facilitators 

Iman Gatti is a life coach, speaker, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. She loves helping people heal past grief and trauma and increase their confidence, self-love, and quality of life. 

Katie Turner will speak on the psychology of trauma and how past negative emotional experiences can show up and impact our present reality. Katie will also speak on the keys to getting unstuck and healing trauma and the research around post-traumatic growth and how we can come with past trauma in ways that help us thrive. 

Jill Drader is the founder of Recovery Transformation Retreats. She has found a lot of life through death and uses this model to craft her retreat teachings and experiences.