Many Colors of Courage Cancer Support Group and Friends Retreat


Join Teresa Phillips, Many Colors of Courage Cancer Support Group Airdrie facilitator,  and retreat founder Jill Drader from June 21-23, 2019 in Field, BC (just 2.5 hours west of Calgary).

We will rest together, retreat together, connect with each other, walk in the forest, and stay in a private hostel in Field, BC. This retreat is all-inclusive, the price of $300* includes all your meals, accommodations, workshops, guided walks and meditations.

*If you cannot afford this email to see what we can arrange, we don't want anyone to miss out on rest and connection out of financial need*


We, like the forest, are full of many colors of seasons, experiences, and natural disasters.

We, like the forest, change seasonally.

We, like the forest, can generate new growth from that season that’s behind us and dying off.

We, like the forest, come back stronger and stronger year after year by finding connection  and rooting in our change. 


Teresa Philllips is a 3-year breast cancer survivor. She's also a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, coach and instructor for the past 30-years. She is the facilitator of a cancer support group in Airdrie, Many Colors of Courage, since September 2018. Teresa is dedicated to motivating, inspiring, and helping others achieve not only their fitness goals but get through treatments and back to the lifestyle they so desire again that cancer momentarily took away. 

Jill Drader has run 14 retreats in Field, BC walking women (and a few men!) through the patterns of their lives that model the patterns of the forest. Through hours and hours walking in the trees, Jill found similarities to her own story after going through a personal trauma that impacted not only her but her whole family. Jill found that ‘nothing in the forest lives without the forest dying, and all of that (metaphorical) death is necessary for the new growth ahead’ – and that reflection changed everything.

"We are constantly in a state of renewal in our bodies, minds and souls. Let's get together and talk about it"



What will we do?  

We will share experiences together in a safe place.

We will share our strengths, hopes, joys and challenges as we workshop through what you're ready to surrender. 

We will grow together in community and connect with our friends. 

We will nourish our bodies and souls with slow cooked plant-based meals eaten together. 

We will exercise our spiritual and mental fitness with hiking and guided meditations. (*no previous experience necessary and for all levels)

You will leave with not only a new journal filled with healthy transformations, goals, desires and a new way to serve, and also a deeper understanding of who you are. 


Who is this retreat for?  

Women who are looking for a getaway and desiring to spend some time reflecting on where you're at, what you want, what you're willing to shift, and those looking to rest and retreat. This offering and these retreats are for women, any women any where. 

Women like you who desire to rest and to retreat.

Those who desire time away from family or partners.

Those who desire to overcome a battle you're facing.

Those who are in recovery from addictions.

Those who want to sleep in with silence for a few days! 

Those excited to have all meals prepared and to spend some time in quietude and rest. 



Where is it?

In a private retreat centre we will meet for a 3-day Women's Only Retreat. 

Field, BC (2.5 hours west of Calgary, 25km west of Lake Louise) 

The closest hospitals are in Golden, BC (50km west), or Banff/Canmore, Alberta (100km east).


How much? 

This retreat is $300 and is all-inclusive.

Your accommodation, meals, beverages, snacks, workshops, and meditation classes are included. All of our retreats are drug and alcohol free. Any dietary needs will be accommodated. 

The town of Field has some small businesses (pottery, jewelry, souvenir, coffee) you can support if you want to bring some extra monies. 


This retreat is facilitated by me, Jill Drader – I am a retreating advocate, a speaker, a workshop creator and facilitator, an addiction counselor, and an entrepreneur. I hold a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Counseling and Ministry (2019), a Journeyman status in Tile and Stone (2009), and a Bachelors Degree in International Development (2005).

I created these retreats when I needed to recover from life - you know, life! I was dealing with loss, deaths, grief, changes in careers, motherhood, and living life in recovery free from my past addictions (I'm 13 years alcohol free!). The truth is, we are all recovering from something in our lives and this place is to connect with that.

Through the 14 retreats I ran the last few years, I found retreat and healing in the forest around Field and at Emerald Lake.  I would love for you to join me to experience it for yourself. People have joined me who are recovering from addictions, recovering from diseases or cancers, recovering from change/loss, recovering from a tough year, recovering from divorce or separation, recovering from grief, and more.

I also customize private 1:1 workshops/retreats, and nature based leadership retreats for teams and corporations.

*References available upon request. 

Questions? Email me or use the contact form below. 




A retreat centre? Is it nice?

Yes. It's a family owned and operated luxury hostel. Each room has co-sleeping bunks and the beds are made with cozy animal free duvets, soft sheets and cozy pillows. Each room has a mountain view. Four people share a room and each has their own bed. We also use the Parks Canada community centre beside the hostel for our yoga or meditation classes and group sessions. 


What do I bring?

Cozy clothes (lounge/yoga/hike), a wind/rain/snow jacket and pants, shoes or boots you can walk in, a toque and gloves, an open heart, a yoga mat if you have one, a blanket to stay cozy during workshops, and desire to be better when you leave than when you arrived.

It might be snowing, it might not. It might be raining, it might not. Bring jackets and pants and footwear you're ok wearing to hike in below zero weather and that is water repellant.  

Do I need to bring my own food?

No, we fully cater the meals. The meals will be plant based and we will try to source as much local food as possible. If you want your own snacks, you are welcome to bring them. We will have water, coffee and teas to drink.

If you have allergies we will work with you and get you your own meals. 


How do I get there?

You can drive yourself or ask to arrange a carpool. 


Are payment plans available?

Yes, of course! You can arrange with Jill how you're able to pay. 

 You can pay by e-transfer, or by Credit Card. 

**Payments are non-refundable 30-days before retreat start date**

What if I have other questions? What if I don’t know if this is right for me?

Email Jill at and set up a call to discuss. 



Testimonials of past weekend retreat participants: 

"I just wanted to tell you that it's
happening...The big move to the island happens at the end of August! It took
longer than the 6 months I envisioned at the dream is becoming a
reality! I just wanted to thank you because you made me write that shit down
and DO IT!" - Participant, 2018

"I just wanted to let you know I will be graduating on Thursday as a yoga teacher! Your retreat inspired me to work that much harder to become a yoga teacher. Thank you!" - Participant, 2018 (on a specific yoga retreat)

"After 10 years in recovery I didn't know what I needed for myself. I knew it wasn't more therapy, more meetings, more doctors, more of what I had been trying. This was it, a retreat in the forest. Changed my life" - Participant, 2017

"Best thing I ever did for myself" - Participant, 2017

"Life changing for our team" - Corporate Retreat Participant, 2017

"Exactly what I needed!" - Participant, 2017

"Not what I expected and everything I needed" -Participant, Field, BC,  May 2016

"Overall just an amazing place to be. Comfortable and cozy. Quaint and quiet." Participant, Field, BC, May 2016

"Gone with the old, in with the new! I am so looking forward to this new journey. Putting closure and ridding the parts of my past that I no longer want to be interrupted by. Time to write my new story!" -Participant, Field, BC, May 2016