May 12-14, 2017 -The Big Lie Retreat

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May 'Big Lie' Retreat with Jill, Lana Wright, Shandra Carlson, and Clarissa Khan

 Field, BC Canada

The Big Lie program helps to unearth the story or stories that show up as weeds in our life. These weeds can grow around our foundational roots and suffocate our growth and potential as a person.

During our time together, we will explore the stories that we have protected, nurtured and based our own lives around. Some of our stories and beliefs have been helpful, while others ( the one we call “The Big Lies”) have stumped our growth, kept us small and out of the sun.

We will help you tend to your garden, extract the weeds and replant new seeds that are most beneficial to your whole personal eco-system and future new growth.

With intention and love, you may even see the the new growth peeking through the soil before you head home from the weekend retreat.

This three day retreat will focus on uncovering your Big Lie, spending time reflecting in nature, and journaling and creating.