October 20-22, 2017 Spiritual Harvest Retreat

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The table is set for “Nurturing Our Bounty Women’s Retreat” in beautiful Field, BC on Oct 20 – 22, 2017!  

We’d love for you to come, it's just a 2.5 hour drive from Calgary west on the TransCanada! 


Our weekend begins with a harvest dinner!  Imagine, a long harvest table, baked apple crisps, apple and cinnamon teas, savory foods, comfy blankets, a burning fire crackling in the fireplace, roasted root vegetable soup, and candlelight. We will gather around, a beautiful group of women, to eat, celebrate and laugh.  This begins our weekend of sharing, self-nurturing, and growth.


As the seasons change, so do we.  Fall is the season to harvest all the wonderful we have created, gather together all the good in our lives and enjoy all that nurtures us.  This prepares us for the wintery months ahead. 


What we give energy to creates more of that energy!  What energy would you like to create in your life? 


Fall is the energy of harvesting the goodness and abundance in our lives, celebrating, and taking time to replenish and give to ourselves.   Self-nurturing is important!  It gives us the energy we need to carry us through the tougher times, the wintry times of our lives.  When we take time for ourselves to retreat, we fill up our own spiritual buckets.  We can then return home replenished and balanced, with more positive energy to give to those we love!


  • ·      What creates warmth and light in your life? 
  • ·      What feelings do you wish to feel, and how do you get there? 
  • ·      What is your path of wellness through the fall and winter months? 

We will answer these questions and more.  Harvest the key take-aways of 2017.  Create “5 Steps to Your own Personal Wellness Path.”  


Sometimes we get stuck. When you believe you are stuck, you are. The reality is that we don’t have to stay there.  


What if you could change your life simply by changing your focus, bringing in positive energy, and doing a few simple things differently?  
What if you could change how you relate to your desires so they no longer have to exist “over there”?
What if you could break this habit and create your desires each day?
What if you could learn to really live in today, focus on wellness and joy, and live the happier, healthier, successful life you love?


By focusing on all that is good in your life you discover an incredible power that is within you!  You have the power to make your life GREAT! We will work on this together! 


Let’s get cozy, nurture ourselves, and open the door to wellness, positivity and happiness, so that no matter what the weather of life is like outside, we are always radiant and warm within!



About our retreats....

In a private retreat centre, connect, build a new community, and nurture your mind, body and soul, during a 3-day Women-Only retreat in Field, BC.

Sharing experiences, strengths, and hopes, we’ll workshop through loss, change, and forgiveness, while nourishing and exercising our spiritual fitness through  workshopsmeditation, light stretching, and locally catered, slow cooked plant-based meals.

You will leave with not only a new journal filled with healthy transformations, goals, desires, and ways to serve, but also a deeper understanding of who you are. By uncovering the parts of us that may be holding on to an old story, we will create our new transformative stories, shifting our lives to ones that are now lived in truth, integrity, and confidence, while filling our hearts with love

Join us to experience and witness the remarkable transformation of other like-minded women.

A two-night and three-day retreat, accommodations, meals, snacks, walks/hikes, meditation and yoga classes are all included for the price of $600 (plus tax)