Recovery Retreat May 2016 - SOLD OUT

C$600.00 C$600.00

Join me May 13-15, 2016, 3-days of workshops, meditations, hikes, and slow cooked food all for $600. 


Let's connect and recover together.

Against the backdrop of Field, British Columbia, at a private mountain hostel, we’re forming a new community focused on supporting the growing need to nurture our mind, body and souls. 


This one-of-a-kind, three-day, Women-only retreat provides a safe place where those of us with similar struggles can share experiences, build strengths and embrace new hope for a life better-lived.

We will guide the group through workshops focused on loss, change and forgiveness; taking the time to nourish and exercise our spiritual fitness through meditation, light yoga and guided relaxation activities.


To ensure we feel our very best, the entire weekend is catered by a local restaurant famous for its delicious and nutritious slow-cooked, plant-based meals.

Our goal is to send you home with a new journal filled with a stronger understanding of healthy transformations, your life goals, your innermost desires and new, fulfilling ways to serve others.


More than anything else, our mission is to help you achieve a deeper understanding of who you are today! Not who you were, and not who you fear you will become - who you are! Because you are amazing!


By uncovering the parts of us holding on to an old story, we will create our new transformative stories; shifting our lives to those lived in truth, integrity and confidence. 


Come fill your heart with love. You have nothing to lose but that which is holding you back!

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